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Talk Radio - "Live" interview on how social media is causing more divorces (below)

Ignites Europe (Financial Times) - How your failures can make you more successful

Talk Radio - "Live" interview on "sexting" and emotional infidelity (below)

Bulgarian TV – How to use true confidence & communication skills to have a greater impact in your work and non-work lives (below)

Professional Manager magazine – Blowing Your Own Trumpet To Get On At Work

The Family Business Owner magazine – Foreward

BLISS magazine article – How not to take things the wrong way

The Chrissy B Show on Sky TV – “How Women Put Men Off!” (abridged version below)

B. the change radio show – Confidence & personal impact tips

The Red Tree – How to deal with “running out of steam” when you’re lost for words

Voice of America radio show – Confidence for business and other varied scenarios (below)

TMA World – A Cultural Clash Can Make Your Image Crash

DialExpotel Essentials article – Confidence in diverse situations

Global Networking Council radio interview – Making an impact with your networking (below)

Men’s Health magazine article – The Sex Doctorate!

Career News – How to Network

Bizspace Blog – Networking ‘can take time to prove effective’

Broadband News – Be sincere when networking

Randstad employment article – Be natural when networking

YourWellness article – End of Year Confidence

The Vanessa Show (courtesy of UK’s Channel 5) – The Secret of Confidence (abridged version below)

Payroll Professional magazine – Breaking Bad News to a Colleague

Payroll Professional magazine – Dealing with Alpha Males

Ignites Europe (Financial Times) People Feature – Overcoming the fear of making business presentations

BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester (due to BBC Guidelines the BBC won’t allow any recording to be played on non-BBC websites)

Interview with The Bridge Radio 102.5fm – Talking about confidence & my book on confidence (below)

MSN Him – How men can survive the office Christmas party

International Watch Fair – Talking about the perfect watch & how important and invaluable and unrelenting time is

Hairdressers Journal – How to communicate confidently enough to say no to people and not upset them

Healthy magazine – The importance of adventure in our lives

Stag & Groom magazine – talking about the Dos & Don’ts of making a wedding speech

Guardian newspaper – Changing career from a network TV news correspondent to being an entrepreneur & professional speaker


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