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Seán Brickell - Who IS he exactly...and even...WHY him?!

From helping international businesses make millions more per year…to helping business people achieve the greater promotions, pay rises and business deals they may have thought they couldn’t get…Life Impact Founder Seán Brickell focuses on helping his corporate and individual clients achieve, enjoy and sustain very real and life-transforming results.

This is done through applying sometimes little known psychological and practical communication tools and techniques that are also backed up by the best scientific research as well as amazing insights gleaned from having interviewed billionaires, Hollywood stars, war heroes, Olympic medallists and other highly successful people about their successes as well as their setbacks.


A short sample video of one of Seán Brickell's "live" interactive training masterclasses...

A 15 minute excerpt from a business speech given by Seán Brickell to a studio audience and hundreds of other people from around the world watching "live" on the internet...


Why You Should Work With Seán…To Achieve The Following Results

Some sample video testimonials from those who’ve experienced the Life Impact system...

Seán, who's a speaker, trainer, executive coach and best-selling author, doesn’t use the lentil-munching or tree-hugging approach to personal and professional development. And neither does he take the Ra-Ra, fist-pumping, conquer the world in less than 48 hours approach, either!

He believes in helping you gain both tangible as well as intangible results…as you can see when you click on the Success Stories tab below where you'll discover clients who have earned the professional and financial success for them and their businesses that they once thought they could never have.

You can also discover when you click on the Measuring The Results You Get tab below how you're able to assess the tangible results you from which you benefit when using the Life Impact's system seemingly intangible skills.

And...if you want more clarification then you can get the contact details of just a few of Seán's clients by clicking on the Check with Clients tab below so you can then speak with them directly. You can't say fairer than that!


Clients who attend Seán Brickell’s “live” speaking and training events as well as his coaching sessions subsequently report the following:

Clients (%) who’ve acquired the following SKILLS:

  • Greater natural confidence – 100%

  • Greater presentation skills – 88%

  • Greater networking skills – 50%

  • Greater leadership skills – 33%

Clients (%) who’ve achieved the following SUCCESSES:

  • Increased business opportunities – 75%

  • Greater business growth – 43%

  • Pay increases – 38%

  • Increased sales – 33%


Appearances in the Media

Just some of the media channels where Seán has been featured talking about confidence & communication...

Click on the In the Media tab below to watch, listen to and read some of Seán's media interviews...


What Communication & Confidence Skills Seán Specialises In

  • Presentation & Public Speaking skills
  • Networking skills
  • Media Interviews skills
  • Selling & Influencing skills
  • Life skills

How Seán Shares His Specialist Skills With You

Speaking (what Seán gets booked for):

  • Interactive keynote speaking at events covering the following areas
    • Persuasion & Influence

    • Sales

    • External & Internal Communication

    • Change Management & Leadership Development

    • Presenting & Public Speaking

    • Networking

    • Teamwork

    • Inspiration & Motivation

    • Media Interview Skills


Training – Group masterclasses (tailored & interactive sessions):

  • 1-2 hours

  • Half days

  • Full days

  • 2 -3 days


Coaching (individual sessions):

  • 1-2 hour sessions per week or month over a 3-12 month period


Online eLearning programs:

  • Various interactive digital (video, audio & written) courses

Some Of The Clients Seán Has Been Working With


Seán Brickell - The WHY & WHO...

Why Seán does the work he does...

Being held at gunpoint to wellington boot throwing...


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