To help business professionals like you to develop the natural confidence and communication skills that you would otherwise have to spend many more years acquiring on your own, so you’re more healthily fearless, focused and fruitful in both your work and non-work lives.

The Life Impact system, of which Business Impact is a part, is about giving you the proven practical and psychological skills you really need.

These are not the lentil-munching, tree-hugging ones that sound nice but can be a bit airy fairy! These skills are the ones that are backed up by the best scientific research as well as amazing insights gleaned from having interviewed billionaires, Hollywood stars, war heroes, Olympic medallists and other highly successful people about their setbacks as well as their successes.

These tips, thoughts and techniques help you develop the clarity, the sense of conviction and the courage to be more adventurous and to dare – even a little – to go for and, more often than not, achieve what’s truly right for you in your personal and professional lives.

And, if you fail, you do so while daring greatly, living fully and learning productively. 

All this means you can achieve the following much more effectively, much more quickly and much less stressfully…so you enjoy the following:


  • Develop a very clear idea of your life purpose, of what really makes you tick and fires you up, and what makes you truly happy

  • Discover and live your TRUE values so your life takes the best possible path for you

  • Be completely aware and accepting of the brilliant aspects of your character as well as the bizarre and even the bad ones so you can feel more reconciled as a person which, in turn, makes you one of those rare people who is inspirationally centred

  • Gain greater clarity about what work you want to do and why

  • Be able to walk into any job interview – no matter how tough they might be – and impress your interviewers with your confidence, your composure, your communication skills, your clarity and your commitment so you give yourself the best chance of beating the other candidates for the job you’ve set your heart on

  • Be able to cope with the challenges a new job or business poses and acquit yourself as someone who’s much older and more experienced

  • Earn greater pay increases than you might otherwise

  • Get promoted to better jobs and roles than you might otherwise

  • Win more business deals for you and your business

  • Earn greater genuine respect and recognition from your colleagues at all levels and clients and potential clients

  • Be better able to deal with difficult, domineering and even devious people in both your work and your non-work lives so they don’t derail you, your self-confidence or your prospects for success

  • Develop the awareness and momentum to maintain your physical, emotional, social, financial, professional, cultural and spiritual self to a healthy level so you live a more balanced life and are better prepared for both the expected and the unexpected challenges life invariably throws at you

  • Have the confidence to bring out the best in others and not focus on just yourself, especially when you meet them for the first time

  • To react calmly and cleverly when someone is difficult with or rude to you – especially in front of others

  • Not to feel overwhelmed by bad days in your life because you have the clarity, confidence and calmness to cope when they happen and bounce back with greater resilience and resolve

  • To support and inspire others less confident than you so those people grow in a way they may not have otherwise – thanks to your aspirational attitude and actions

  • Not fear failure, but embrace it to live your life in the Adventure Zone and not just the Safe Zone so you experience things that enhance your life

  • Celebrate both tangible and intangible successes with humility and grace and not to boast about them to make yourself look good – especially at someone else’s expense

  • Challenge yourself to tackle personal and professional dreams that you know you truly want – no matter how overwhelming they might seem at first

  • Develop your TRUE natural confidence to help you live a life and leave a legacy that not only makes you proud and as well as those who count with you proud, but that also has a lasting positive impact on as many people as possible











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